but my friends call me Vickey! I have been a therapist since 2008. I love what I do more than most adults I know. I am truly blessed in this way! That doesn't mean that my life is perfect... and thank goodness it's not! I could not help my clients effectively (in my opinion) if my life was perfect....
Let me tell you a story.
A couple of years ago, my marriage was not in the best of places. I was trying to talk to my husband about this. He said to me "it's good enough." I replied, with frustration, "good enough isn't good enough anymore!" Then I chuckled and said to him and "that's the tagline for my business." And he agreed.
Now, there's a message in society today that good enough IS or “needs to be” good enough.  That's not what I meant. I certainly don't want my individuals or couples striving for perfectionism as that is not healthy either. I simply don't want anyone settling when they know their relationships could be better.

I'm Victoria,

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