Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the sessions?
    Sessions will range from 37 - 60 minutes. I know that's a pretty big range. It simply depends if your insurance is covering of if you are private pay.

How many sessions?
    The number is unlimited! It will depend on what goals are set, how frequently you can come, how hard you are willing to work on your own behaviors and perceptions.

How much is a session?
    If you go through your insurance, that will set your co-pay rage. I have no control over that amount.
    My private pay rates are currently $200 for an individual session and $230 for couples'

Is what we talk about confidential?
    Absolutely!! Therapy would not be effective without the understanding of privacy. You need to know that what we talk about will not become part of the gossip in town. We will discuss this more in our first session.