Individual Therapy

You want more.

Good Enough is no longer Good Enough.

Who and what is holding you back? From all that you can have? And all that you can be?


Perhaps you believe it’s your job, or your boss, or your parents, or your friends, or your partner, or, or, or ... (The list is endless, right?)


Here's the thing, it’s actually … you.

Yes, you. Or rather some version of yourself from your past. And that version has become your subconscious story now running the show.


I'll help you bring those thoughts to consciousness and rewrite them. To give you a new story, and see where that story goes.

I get it. You feel unheard, misunderstood, and may struggle to let others in. Or maybe you wonder why you don't like yourself.


I can help you learn to like and make peace with your whole self.

You may wonder about changing your job, ending your relationship, going to the gym more, adding a hobby, as if once you do that thing you'll somehow find balance. But what I've come to know is that the same issues arise over and over until you tune or turn inward. 

And that's what we'll do. We'll begin with creating space to explore and understand why you don't know or like yourself. We'll listen to that why that is. How it has helped you, up until this point, to survive in the world. And then we'll help you to begin tuning inwards rather than outward. Together we'll explore the stories you tell yourself and how those stories affect your relationships. 

I am active. I will engage. I will call you out. I will help you shift your mindset when necessary. Let's be honest, you wouldn't be coming to therapy if you didn't need to make some shifts. And you know that.

Individual work is still “Relationship Work.” Why? Because you are in relationship with your Self.

You are likely your worst critic; we are all so hard on ourselves.


Inner Relationship Work is about the practice of self-compassion. It starts with learning how to recognize your human imperfections and not berate yourself for them, nor excuse yourself from responsibility.

Self-Compassion. Gentleness. Forgiveness. Peace.

Whether you’re coming to this work alone, with others in a relationship, or in relation to your work, it always plays out in three stages.

Work on Your Own Stuff. We'll figure out what's going on for you. What is coming up from your historical past (your childhood). How you handle your emotions. Why you get caught in unproductive and unhealthy thought loops and how to stop the cycle. 

See What Happens. As you get healthier, it'll shift all of your relationships. We explore what that shift will look like. 

Deal With It. Some of those shifts will be uncomfortable, yet you will be  better equipped to deal with whatever comes your way and step out of the unhealthy patterns. 

Let's get started!
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