Individual Therapy

Have you been feeling dissatisfied with your life? Maybe you're anxious, depressed, or unsure of your life goals? You may be facing frustrations at work, questioning if the job is the problem or if it's you. Or you may even be having issues in your marriage that you need to tackle individually


"Come on in and have a seat on my couch. That is the last time I'll sound like a therapist." This is, literally, how I start every initial session, and it's so true!


Clients tell me how different I am from other therapists. There are therapists in today's world who simply sit and listen to you. I am not one of those therapists. I will engage. I will call you out. I will help you shift your mindset if necessary.


My perspective is based on research, my trainings (ie: Relational Life Therapy Certification and other Continuing Education Courses), and my own life experiences (I'm not gonna lie, I will share about myself as relevant to your situation).

Let's get started!
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