Good Therapy is an Investment

Private Pay

An investment in your mental health is an investment that pays off in many areas of your life. Your emotional well-being is so necessary to enjoy healthier relationships, building and maintaining healthy self-esteem, and cultivating meaning. You owe it to yourself to start the journey to creating the life of your dreams.

Private Pay Rates

Individual: $200/session (50-60min)
Couple 50-60min: $230/session
Couple 80-90min: $335/session
Couple 110-120min: $425/session
If you prefer to retain privacy from your insurance company and maintain the full control of your treatment that self-pay provides, I offer a private rate. While rare, insurance companies do hold the rights to pull your chart and read through it at any time. Or, your employer may change the insurance that they are offering to employees. Or, insurance companies change their plans (ie: different deductibles, different co-pays). These can be stressful times for therapy clients as they would then have to either change to private pay, or change therapists and "start over." Private pay clients never have to worry about any of these issues.

Many insurance plans include Out of Network benefits. I can provide you with a "Superbill" to submit to your insurance and you may get reimbursed for some of the fees.


Couples Payment

My couples’ sessions are only available for private pay. This is due to the time constraints insurance places upon sessions – insurance only covers 37-45min (as stated above) and a couples’ session really needs AT LEAST 60min, preferably longer. 


If you choose to utilize your insurance benefit, I currently accept BCBS.

Insurance Rates

Prices will vary depending on your insurance plan. You will either have a co-pay (set by your insurance company) or you must meet your deductible before your insurance will pay for your sessions. If you have a deductible, you pay the rate set by the insurance company.

Cancellation Policy

All appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours will be charged the full private rate, whether you typically pay by insurance or are "private pay." The only exception to this is snow.