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Some Thoughts on the Movie "Soul"

Who’s seen the movie “Soul?”

If you haven’t, what I’m posting here shouldn’t give anything away…

For those who have, that scene near the end, where 22 is talking to herself really spoke to me. *I’m not good enough. Nope. No. *All you make are bad decisions *You’re so selfish *You’re the least remarkable soul I’ve ever met *You’re dishonest *You are unwise and you won’t make it in the world *No one would ever want to be around you *You’ll never find your spark *Imbecile *There’s no point *I’m not good enough at all

Talk about low self esteem and feeling Less Than! And I loved the imagery during the scene of where the statements came from. I do want to point out that sometimes our negative self-thoughts were not someone else’s words.

I have a sentence in my head that says “my voice has no value.” No one ever said this to me. Ever. However, in the chaos of the house I grew up in, I spoke up and nothing changed. So, a 5yr old interprets that as “my voice has no value.” (It’s amazing the shift I have felt by telling myself “my voice has value” over and over and over again)

Please keep in mind that your self talk may or may not be something you were told.

And replace it with: I have worth because I was born. (or even just the grammatical opposite of what you’re currently telling yourself)

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