Are you a successful, well-paid, adult professional going through a life transition? Maybe it's with your career, or a new baby, a break-up or a marital obstacle. Any kind of a change that you aren't quite sure how to handle...

Maybe you seem to "have it all together" in one area of your life, but can't figure out why other areas aren't following suit?
Or, with all of your successes, you SHOULD be happy; and, yet, you're not. And you can't quite figure out why?
When "good enough" is no longer "good enough", sometimes all you need is someone to talk to; Someone who is neutral and whose only goal is to find a healthy solution to the issue at hand. I provide talk therapy for individuals and couples alike. It is through this therapy that I will help you process your challenges, better understand who you are and learn what it is that you want to achieve.

Are you in a new relationship and want to build it in a healthy way from scratch? Do you want to head-off the negative patterns you've seen around you (ie: parents or friends)? Let me guide you through the process.

Have you been feeling dissatisfied with your life? Maybe you're anxious, depressed, or unsure of your life goals? You may be facing frustrations at work, questioning if the job is the problem or if it's you. Or you may even be having issues in your marriage that you need to tackle individually


Not only does research show that video sessions are just as effective (if not more) as face-to-face sessions, they really open up the geography of finding your ideal therapist. Please consider me as a therapist even if you live “too far away” from Norwood to be here in person.
Don't think of me just as your therapist...think of me as your lifeline.
Your confidant. Your second chance at getting it right.
I want our sessions to be something that you look forward to, because you can feel the impact they're having on your life. Don't give up... give me a call!

Let's Get Started!