Online Therapy / “Telehealth”

I’m the first to admit that I was skeptical when I first heard about video therapy sessions (“telehealth”). Can they really be effective? That seems complicated. Do I need a lot of special equipment? I look weird on screen (yes, I’m human and I get nervous!).

Not only does research show that video sessions are just as effective (if not more) as face-to-face sessions, they really open up the geography of finding your ideal therapist. Many of my clients talk with me about their previous struggles to find a good fit (I’m not a good fit for everyone, I know that). And they are so relieved when they find me. I finally started thinking, with the technology of today’s world, why am I limiting my “client-base” to so few neighborhoods?  Please consider me as a therapist even if you live “too far away” from Norwood to be here in person.

Telehealth is a good idea to consider for reasons other than geography as well. Scheduling, for example. I have some clients who see me from work (conference room or their car) during their lunch-break. Sure, you *live* near Norwood, but you work in downtown Boston and just can’t get here for a 1pm session.

Sometimes the weather is a problem. Some people have child-care issues. Basically, anything that makes a more than 50-60min break in the day nearly impossible… telehealth removes most barriers.

Unfortunately, at this time, telehealth is still limited to the therapist’s home state due to licensing requirements. I am working with national boards in my field to change that. Clients and therapists alike should have nation-wide options of who they see! Alas, you can only see me if you live in Massachusetts.


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